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Rat A Tat Tat guess whose back? Cinema still evokes in us our dreams, hopes and escape from our daily lives. At this moment in time the best cinema isn’t happening in Hollywood, it’s happening in Denmark, Germany and various countries around the world. To those that only think crap cinema is coming out, buy an all region DVD player and start exploring cinema from other countries. Here at Cinema is Dope I will provide such a journey and exploration of cinema and film festivals from around the world. I hope to turn people onto films and festivals they might not otherwise know about and allow fans of to share their thoughts. To start things off I’m posting this image from MGM’s ALL-TALKING PICTURE – “Dynamite” from 1929. This image perfectly captures how I feel sort of stumbling into a brand new site and I love Cecil B. DeMille’s composition in it.

Pardon the progress this week as I get everything setup and in place. I don’t have every page and the layout completely set.

About This Image:
Roger Towne (Conrad Nagel) and Cynthia Crothers (Kay Johnson) star in this early talkie by director Cecil B. DeMille.

Image Source:
Official 8×10 that was used in the original US release of the film.

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