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Easily one of the funnest and jaded films I’ve seen so far in 2007. It features a fair share of cute and cuddly romanticism of hair cutting, disturbing child abuse, an over the top cross dressing villain that sings his own pop songs (not sure if I’ve ever seen a villain sport hair extensions in a film before) and another strong performance by Chiaki Kuriyama (Battle Royale, Kill Bill Vol. 1). The real highlight of the film is the incredible horror set pieces where hair extensions gets fully realized onscreen as a scary monster and the outstanding direction of filmmaker Sion Sono mixing many contrasting themes together into one big bang of a perhaps new breed of J-horror that most won’t see coming! Consider this film perhaps J-horror new wave. And after seeing this film you will never one to piss off a hair extension ever again. Definitely check it out at Subway Cinema or Fantasia if you get a chance!

The previous Sion Sono film I’ve experienced was “Strange Circus” (at Sitges last year) which is truly one hell of a macabre art house film. Mr. Sono makes films you don’t merely see but fully experience. Though he gets a super big budget and stars to work with his filmmaking spirit is only getting stronger and more outrageous, while never losing touch with his very personal themes.

Screening at Subway Cinema (www.subwaycinema.com) & co-presented by Japan Society (www.japansociety.org):

Thursday, July 5
Director Sion Sono Introduction and Q&A

Saturday, July 7
Director Sion Sono Introduction and Q&A

::: Their rundown of the film

Fantasia (www.fantasiafest.com) Screening Info:

July 10th, 2007
7:15 pm
Hall Theatre
Screening hosted by director Sion Sono

::: Mitch Davis simply fantastic take on Exte (I read it 3 times in a row when I first came upon it)

Image Source:
Official digital still that was used in the original Japanese release of the film.

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