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Airplane!” spoofs “Saturday Night Fever” (1977). Ted Striker (Robert Hays) shows he has the night fever!

It really is by chance I seem to have been stuck on films from 1980 of late. “Airplane!” is probably one of the more requested films people have asked me to post images from. I rather fondly remember this film from my youth as it marked the very first extended comedy of any type I’d ever experienced. I’d of course seen doses of comedy woven into television programming and films but never anything done as full out. The first time I saw it I spent most of the movie wondering what in the world everyone was carrying on about with laughing so hard. It really was a miserable time sitting through a film I couldn’t have felt more removed from. Afterwards my mom had to explain the whole premise that there were films made for people to laugh and that made fun of life and other films. Even still it took me multiple viewings before I ever warmed up to it. The spoof aspects of the film were certainly lost on me but I definitely strained myself to find joy in its humor where I could at such a young age. Though I would have to say it was two films in 1982 that really opened me up to loving outrageous comedies in “Zapped!” and “Porky’s.” This may seem odd having seen both of those films at an early age, but, whomever at drive in movie theatres thought it a good idea to put R rated features to the immediate left of family features certainly benefited me seeing many films I’d never otherwise would have a way of seeing.

Speaking of “Airplane!” it does bring to mind my airplane travels this year and what the best of these have been. Getting to see Greenland up close this year was certainly one of the most unexpected things I’ve experienced. Other than the Alps I can’t recall seeing mountains so high they poke out of the clouds right below you. Usually mountain ranges fall well below the clouds in all my flying so it is certainly something to see any poking above. The endless snow and mysterious mountain peaks that dart the Greenland horizon is a fascinating sight everyone should at least experience once in their lifetime. I don’t know about global warming this and that, but you could certainly tell that the coastline around it was thawing out in very noticeable fashion.

The other fascinating view in flying this year was coming over Ireland during sunrise. A unusual way no doubt to experience viewing this grand country but very calming at the same time. I can only imagine what the view must be like flying over during sunset.

As far as scares while flying this year there was none more than the time I was flying from Italy to London and as I happened to be looking down (I imagine we were somewhere close to Spain at this point) a fighter jet comes screaming right underneath the plane flying east. I’ve never been inflight and had a plane come that close to the one I was in. Really jarring to look out and suddenly see a plane fly right below you so close it might as well been Maverick flipping you the bird. No one else on the plane seemed to even notice and the fighter jet was out of view on the horizon faster than one could say “Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes.”

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Official 8×10 lobby that was used in the original US release of the film.

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