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I’ve only seen the “crazy” cut of this film at the recent Udine 9 Far East Film Festival. The “crazy” cut? The audio in the last reel dropped out sound at random. You never knew when you would or wouldn’t hear: someone speak, kick, hit, explode or anything audio related. It literally like a UFO had overtaken the last reel and was trying to scramble our brains with the audio. People were running out of the majestic theatre their with hands over the ears. It was a brutal end but I managed to survive it. I can’t really recall outside of “Irreversible” (2002), where I’ve been in a movie theatre with so many people running for the exits during it. The film itself is fun in places but overall was just to G-PG-ish for my tastes. I also wish they had mixed in practical effects more versus relying solely on CGI.

::: ‘Dynamite Warrior’ Midnight Burial a Mercy Killing
Peter Martin, Cinematical Indie

Image Source:
Official digital still that was used in the original Thailand release of the film.

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