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Nicolas Bro is Gunnar in “Adams æbler” aka “Adam’s Apples.” Along with Tim League of the Alamo Drafthouse and Fantastic Fest this film was my favorite of 2006. It was also easily the biggest rush of cinema I had last year. Seeing it for the first time at the Prado Suburense movie theatre at the Sitges Film Festival was a jolting experience (see the pic I took of it here). The entire audience got into the film and the electricity and buzz going through the audience with each passing scene was other worldly. It was a golden movie experience where cinema gives you a born again type of experience.

Adam’s Apple appears to be featured in an upcoming issue of Film Movement.

If you like Nicolas Bro then you should definitely make plans now to see him in what I consider his best performance by far to date in “Offscreen” which is screening at Fantastic Fest this year (more details here).

I love this answer featured in the interview in its press kit:

QUESTION: Where did the idea for Adam’s Apples originate? Were there any films you had in mind as touchstones while working on the script or during shooting?

ANDERS THOMAS JENSEN: Actually it was the other way around. I did so many terrible things to my characters throughout the Dogme movement, like putting people in wheelchairs, and giving them cancer, and one night I was talking to Mads (Mikkelsen) and we thought what would it be like if you took all of the bad things that happened to those people over the last ten years, and let all of that happen to just one guy. That sounded like a good comedy! Then I started to write a little and then a little bell went off about the Book of Job, and one thing led to the next.

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Official b&w 8×10 that was used in the original Danish release of the film.

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