Drafthouse Marquee @ South Lamar


Took some pictures today of the original Alamo Drafthouse Downtown marquee that is now featured at Alamo South Lamar. Enjoy the pics!

::: Drafthouse Marquee @ South Lamar
via Flickr slideshow

I stopped by South Lamar to see “Hairspray” which is the closest I could get in movie spirit to the “Boogie Nights” screening (via Adam Shankman) the Rolling Roadshow is doing tonight. I got a ton of odd glances as I was seated before the film super early reading “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.” The pre-film music video assortment was so damn good, that it quite often greatly distracted me from reading. The video that featured a female singer trying to sing all suave on a carnival ride electric small pony was a riot!!!

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