Media Blaster Shaw Brothers Lineup


In the coming future US DVD label Media Blasters will be releasing Shaw Brothers titles. News broke earlier this month but want to be sure I chime in on it. Dragon Dynasty and Image have been releasing Shaw Brothers titles, which some of you will already find yourself familiar with. The new releases from Media Blasters sound to be featuring titles that haven’t been released by Celestial in their Region 3 Hong Kong releases. I’ve bought several hundred of their Region 3 Hong Kong releases since they have been coming out the past several years. Since I haven’t already mentioned it here, for the record my alltime favorite Shaw Brothers film is “Boxer from Shantung.” My favorites tend to be of the dead serious non-comedy variety where man becomes a warrior standing up to overwhelming odds. A lot of people in the US seem to think every single kung fu film made was a comedy, which I can safely say is not true.

Of the announced titles here is what I recommend:

* Heroes Two – A bit too disjointed but features some really nice fights.
* The Master – Wonderfully inventive in how the filmmaker realizes the kung fu action. The fight scenes flow and ebb like rich works of operatic art.
* Challenge of the Masters – The end fight alone is worth getting this one. From a technical stand point and as a fan of great kung fu fights the final fight brings down the house.
* Martial Club – I loosely remember liking this one enough to recommend it.
* Flag of Iron – Fun.

Didn’t care for:

* The Brave Archer – Spins in circles without ever taking off.

Haven’t seen:

* The Deadly DuoTi Lung and David Chiang films always strike interest in me and usually work more than they don’t.
* The Ten Tigers of Kwangtung
* Black Magic 2 – The first in this series worked for me. Seems to play better with people that have 50+ Shaw Brother films under their belt versus newcomers.
* Five Elements Ninjas – Everyone I know that has seen it love it.

Source: Advanced Media Network

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