Uncle’s Paradise (2006) – Movie Wallpaper


Screening at Fantastic Fest 2007!

A Japanese “pink” film that offers more than sex and nudity? Well that is certainly the case with Shinji IMAOKA’sUncle’s Paradise” aka “Ojisan Tengoku.” It has sex and it has nudity but that is really besides the point. The highlight of the film is its very twisted and biting black humor, along with some really stand out performances, and outrageous plot quirks and twists you won’t see coming. This simply is one of the most entertaining comedies I’ve seen all year. If your going to be attending Fantastic Fest 2007 this year be sure and mark “Uncle’s Paradise” down as a must see!

Expect an interview I did with Shinji IMAOKA’s at Nippon Connection to appear in early September on Twitch (you can view pictures I took of him here).

I haven’t seen any of Shinji IMAOKA’s other films yet. I have on deck for weekend viewing his film “DESPITE ALL THAT.” I’ll write some brief words on it here in the next couple of days. I’m hoping to go back and watch as many of his past films as I can get my hands on.

Image Source:
Official digital still that was used in the original Japanese release of the film.

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