Sunday News Roundup – Johnnie To + Alan Delon?


::: Hong Kong director Johnnie To wrapping up 3 movies
The Star

Well it has been no secret that Johnnie To is a big fan of Melville but this is the first time I remember reading about him teaming up with Alan Delon for a film. Separate from that he is also working on remaking Melville’s “Red Circle.”

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Kaiju Shakedown

Over at Outcast Cinema Marc has a nice post on some behind the scenes of the “Horrors of Malformed Men” DVD release and the upcoming Yoen dokufu-den series. Having watched Marc interview Shinya Tsukamoto for the Malformed Men release in this small courtyard at The Nippon Connection I’m really interested to see how it came out. The nightmare (no pun intended) of doing interviews that day was the fact we were right under a route for airplanes. I plowed ahead in when I interview Tsukamoto before Marc just hoping that my digital audio recorder would be good enough to balance out the whizzing noise of the planes. Which for the most part seemed to only make certain words tougher to hear. I’m looking to get my interview with him up on Twitch in September. When Marc interviewed Tsukamoto they had to stop when the planes came near which made it a challenge and had everyone perking their heads up like kids in the street playing hockey would at the sound of a possible approaching vehicle. Another small challenge doing the interviews by selecting it to be out in a open courtyard that was mostly surrounded by a building was keeping other people away. When you have a small outdoor place with walls around it, chatter and voices carry much stronger than normal. Marc had eyed the courtyard for quite a bit of time out at Nippon and really never caught anyone out there. I never noticed anyone ever out there myself. So as it would go as soon as everyone set up shop out there for the interviews various packs of college students started coming in to sit down for refuge and chatting. We kicked them all out politely though. The only thing we couldn’t stop that day (outside of the airplane noise) was some type of piano lesson going on. So if you listen to the Tsukamoto interview closely enough perhaps you will be able to hear it.

Over at the Drafthouse South Lamar Henri is throwing a DVD release party for R. Kelly’s new chapters of Trapped in a Closet. For those that can’t wait for Monday you can view the new chapters at here (… and yes there is a chapter 12.5 now that recaps everything that has happened so far). I went to Henri’s original sing-a-long for the original set of chapters and have to say it was one of the crazier nights I’ve been to at the Drafthouse Downtown – beach ball condoms, stage acts and an audience singing along like it was their last day to be alive.

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Michael Guillen, Twitch

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