The Continuing Deep Discount DVD Saga… Wait it Gets Better!


So at the last point of contact with Deep Discount DVD for those catching up this happened (full story here):

August 22:
I get an e-mail this morning from Deep Discount DVD saying: “Our records show that your original order was for the DVD “Who Can Kill A Child“. Please provide us with the order number for “The Last Hunter.” Hmm. Ok. I just sent them an e-mail with all the contact information and details on Monday. Hope dims. I send an e-mail back taking the e-mail I sent on Monday but detailing it out like I’m having to explain the situation to a 4 year old. I have no idea if I will ever get this movie from them. I’ll give it until the end of September and at that point I will have to cancel my order completely.


Let me at this junction point out that I can login to my account on Deep Discount DVD and see that “The Last Hunter“” was never shipped to me. In addition it shows it under the order # I have used in all my correspondence with Deep Discount DVD. In the e-mail from above I referenced that order #.

Just now I got this response from Deep Discount DVD:

* I blacked out key information on purpose.

How is it that suddenly my order number doesn’t work for both movies? I see them both associated with the same exact order number when I login to “my account” and go to – View Orders > Order Details, for it!?! How can I see this information in the same system but they cannot.

Here is a screenshot as of now for my order under “my account” with Deep Discount DVD:

* Personal details of course blacked out.

For some strange reason I don’t see myself ever buying a DVD from them ever again. Cue the line “the computer says no” from “Little Britain” at this Abbott and Costello routine their customer service department has me in.

Really in dealing with online “discount” retailers it really is like going to a high stakes table in Vegas. Sure you can win big, but you can also come up a a big loser. While using Deep Discount DVD I might could save a lot of money but there is a good chance I won’t be seeing anything I bought anytime soon. So my choice is roll the dice and save a buck or buy movies at a higher price but get them in the mail in a reasonable time with no headaches. While I love saving money it really doesn’t mean a *&*#(($ thing if I have no movie to watch.

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