Fantastic Fest Day One Recommends

First off to Kier-La you will most certainly be missed out at Fantastic Fest ( this year!

I will be covering Fantastic Fest here and at Twitch this year. Expect to see interviews on Twitch that I did with the directors of Uncle’s Paradise, The Ferryman and Flight of the Living Dead. An interview I did with the “Rug Cop” director is already up (here). For the Death Note films I have up on Twitch an interview I did with Shusuke Kaneko (here).

For anyone doing Fantastic Fest coverage this year please let know so I can include it in my reports.

It feels like the end of a very long journey for me today with the start of this years fest. I helped scout for them at film festivals throughout the world I attended this year. One amazing thing that I don’t think a lot of people readily know is that this fest had more people covering the film festival circuit all over the world than even some of the worlds biggest fests did. The commitment and search for great cinema for this years programming was a thing of beauty. The result is a programming lineup that stands far and above last years (and thats not even including all the secret screenings going on this year). I can’t wait to experience the films and shorts I was so passionate about getting into the fest with an Austin audience. Over the last several days I’ve stayed up nearly all night just thinking about this alone.

I should also note it’s very interesting reading all the historical references to the fest being inspired by the Sitges Film Festival. Having attended that festival I can certainly see the references and inspiration. I will be out at the 40th Sitges Film Festival this year for Twitch, which starts roughly only a handful of days after Fantastic Fest ends.


The Ferryman

Before seeing the movie I recommend updating yourself with the story of the Ferryman as this film is based on it:

::: Research On The River Styx
::: Greek Gods, Hades, & Death
::: Charon
::: Phlegyas

This film was my one of my favorites at this years Brussels International Festival Of Fantastic Film. Great characters, dialogue, twists, moments of musical outbreaks and a film that features true evil. This modern day Kiwi retelling of the Ferryman tale on the high seas is a must see.

Aachi and Ssipak

Usually when a plot synopsis sounds too wild or good to be true, it is. As such when me and Tim League read about this film in the Brussels International Festival Of Fantastic Film programming guide we were a bit nervous that the film could even a little bit live up to its wildly written synopsis. Luckily the midnight screening at BIFFF convinced it that in fact it more than lived up to it and really were surprised this film had essentially fallen off so many festival radars. As an animated midnight film this film will surprise you at nearly every turn and is deliciously jaded.


A time travel movie from Spain. Need I say more? Advanced word is this is really good!

Finishing the Game

I first saw this at The Asian Film Festival of Dallas and can report it’s a rocking inside Hollywood movie set in the 70’s that works as a offbeat love letter to Bruce Lee and Bruce Li cinema.

Les Petits Hommes Vieux

This was my favorite short last year. I am honestly shocked that its playing this year as I never thought I’d get the chance to see this with an Austin audience. I saw it at The 39th Sitges Film Festival last year and it really stuck with me. To really go into plot details really spoils the surprise of the short.

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