Nikkatsu Action Retrospective @ Fantastic Fest 2007

::: Nikkatsu Action Retrospective at Fantastic Fest 2007 (View Pictures)
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The Nikkatsu Action Retrospective at Fantastic Fest 2007 was a huge success with many calling it one of their favorite parts of the festival. “A Colt is my Passport” was one of the highest rated films overall for the entire festival alone (which is rare for any retrospective film to do). Mark Schilling’s insight and knowledge were eaten up by eager Austin and out of town audiences that soaked in the chance to see such rare beautiful Japanese cinema on the big screen. Mr. Schilling also signed copies of his latest book from Fab Press called “No Borders, No Limits.”

For anyone that saw the “Warped Ones,” Mark Schilling mentioned the main character does the bunched up lip scowl as an act of defiance and that fans of it should also check out “Kuroi taiyo” aka “Black Sun.”

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