Blake Meets Enzo G. Castellari @ The 40th Sitges Film Festival


All I can say is… wow! Life is surreal sometimes. I really am not the “get my picture taken with someone” type of person. I rarely do it. Always feels a bit cheesy. However when I do come across an artist that I highly respect, admire and has been a huge influence on me… then it’s hard to resist. Yesterday when I met Italian crime cinema legend Enzo G. Castellari I had to get a picture taken just to make sure I wasn’t in the fog of a dream. I did a quick interview with him for Twitch and it was an absolute blast. I just ate up all his stories and remembrances of his films and influences and just everything he had to say. He was a master storyteller and it was a huge rush getting some of his stories down for history’s sake. Now let’s just cross our fingers and hope Blue Underground still releases “High Crime” next year.
::: Some pics I posted of Mr. Castellari on Twitch at the Bronx screening yesterday

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