Blake Meets Park Chan-wook

Fantastic Fest representinggggggggggggggg! 😉

Photo taken by A Gun for Jennifer director Todd Morris. Note this 1996 film will be seeing a US DVD release from Mondo Macabro soon.

As for my interview with Park Chan-wook I don’t really have any good news to report as I was lumped into a group interview at the last moment instead of getting a one on one 15 minutes which had been originally set up. The group interview featured me pitted against people that were somehow fans that seemed to just be there to get autographs and take pictures. The questions they asked were pretty outrageously awful. I’ll post more about this on Twitch later on. Not sure when I’ll get Internet access again after today. So expect a ton of reviews and interviews I did at Sitges to start showing up there when I’m back in the states next week.

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