The Traveling Executioner (1970) – Movie Wallpaper – Mystery?

Chalk this up as one of the greater mysteries I’ve come across this year. In the cut I saw of the 1970 film The Traveling Executioner we never see Marianna Hill as Gundred Herzallerliebst get put in the electric hair with a shaved head. However, in marketing materials released for the film there is a still showing exactly that. I’m left to assume one of two things.

A) There is an alternate ending to the film that was never put in the released cut.
B) There is a cut scene featuring this moment with Mrs. Hill in the electric chair with her hair shaved.

Regardless, I can’t find much online about this so if any cinephiles out there can shed further light on this please feel free to do so!

Image Source:
Official 8×10 lobbycard that was used in the original release of the film in the USA.

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