Pretty Maids All In A Row (1971) – Movie Wallpaper – Historical Item (Boston Press Series)


This historical item from my ongoing “Pretty Maids All In A Row” series shows Rock Hudson being a true gentleman by returning lost panties to one of the pretty maids.

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One of the goals of this site is preserving film history one image at a time. In addition to that preserving various other forms of film history. This series offers a historical look at the Boston leg of Rock Hudson’s publicity tour for “Pretty Maids All In A Row.” Items in this series will feature all kinds of images, letters and other extremely rare goodies. This really will be a fascinating look at both publicity for this film and press at the time of 1971. I’m extremely proud to be archiving for public viewing these rare historical film items! Several items a day will be posted for this series in the weeks ahead.

I really do hope everyone enjoys this series and I do ask to please credit my site if you mention this. In addition please do not take any of these items I will be posting and rework them to be sold on eBay.

Image Source:
From official rare press files for the Boston publicity tour of Rock Hudson for the film “Pretty Maids All In A Row.”

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