Aparecidos (2007) – Movie Wallpaper

Aparecidos is a ghost time travel film from Spain that just debuted at the recent 40th Sitges Film Festival. Refreshing challenging and one of the most beautifully shot films I’ve seen all year (up there with Sword Bearer and There Will Be Blood). Really well crafted and original film that caught me by surprise. Similar themes of changing fate like from films like Timecrimes get explored. Aparecidos very distinctly feels like a film soaked in the Kubrick’s cinema world of The Shining with its visuals, sound design, atmosphere, set design and execution. The acting ensemble also does a terrific job in adding into the many dense layers of this film by providing real breathing characters that aren’t the usual wooden characters. The ending alone floored me.

I’ll post more on this film and cast and filmmaker interviews on Twitch in November.

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Official still that was used in the original international release of the film.

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