Bait (2000) – Movie Wallpaper

I certainly wouldn’t have thought the first movie image I post here for Jamie Foxx would be from “Bait.” So first image of Mr. Foxx here and I think it’s a very fun one! I can’t help but think I’ve caught everyone off by posting an image from this movie. I do find it fun to mix up the content from time to time.

I’ve never seen this Antoine Fuqua directed movie so someone out there will have to let me know if it’s worth checking out!

stars as Alvin Sanders, who without his knowledge, is used by the police as human “bait” to draw out a master criminal, in “Bait,” a Castle Rock Entertainment production of a Warner Bros. Pictures release.

Photo By:
K.C. Bailey

Image Source:
Official still that was used in the original USA release of the film.

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