Thanks Dear Readers

I would like to thank everyone that comes to Cinema is Dope and supports it. October was a landmark month for the site in passing 300 posts and in doubling the traffic in one months time. I really just do the site for fun. So many online film sites are geared towards generating traffic and ad revenue only. I don’t care about either. I’m here to share my love of films and post quality restored movie images as wallpaper. Along the way I also like sharing some festival stories of note and photography. This is site is just a very small personal project of mine that I’m really happy to see others out there reading and enjoying. I don’t do too much to market the site so I’m really confused at how so many have found it.

I’m still working on finding the right balance and mix (movie wallpaper, festival notes, etc.,) in daily content. It seems offering a wider variety of daily movie wallpaper works the best and with some daily festival notes. So in the coming weeks expect a much great diversity of movie wallpaper on a daily basis and more festival notes (stories and photography and more).

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