There Will Be Blood @ Castro; Variety Reviews It; Video Clip of P.T. Anderson @ FF


There Will Be Blood which world premiered at Fantastic Fest will be screening in the Bay area at the Castro on November 5th (details).


Todd McCarthy reviews There Will Be Blood (read here) and he seems to on a technical and artistic level be highly impressed with it. However, he never seems to pin himself down to how good he thinks the movie actually is. We hear a good technical and artistic analysis of the film but I can’t seem to find any overall summation of it being good or bad. While I don’t necessarily always find the need for a critical review to be just a report card stressing good or bad, it’s nice when someone definitely says if they liked it and if so how much or vice versa. Perhaps he is trying to avoid such praising of the film and go the route of a more critical overview that is mixed with personal feelings. In that regard Mr. McCarthy more than succeeds. With such pre-existing glowing reviews his review certainly stands up as a strong echo of everything that has already been said. I can say mainstream reviews are rarely this well written and seem so vivid and alive with genuine thought and feeling. It’s nice reading something that stirred a persons film loving heart. Though if I did run across him I’d definitely have to ask, “So you liked There Will Be Blood… right?” My gripe as such is only a tiny one in an otherwise highly remarkable and exceptional review.


For those wanting the actual story of how the film came about screening at Fantastic Fest and to see the full Q&A can check out a video of it at (view here).


Everything is bigger in Texas, including our love for great cinema!

Despite rumors from various print press that weren’t at the Fantastic Fest screening, I can tell you the audience that saw it there was actually Austin’s most hardcore cinephiles (comprised of print press, musicians, artists, politicians, filmmakers, film crew of all kind, bloggers, AICN, some fanboys and various online film press). The audience was one of the most diverse and mixed I’ve ever attended in 10 plus years of attending film screenings in Austin. Some initial reports seem to falsely indicate the audience was 100% fanboys or overzealous online writers? Anyone that has been to or explored the Austin scene knows that it’s home to rabid cinephiles that judge a movie on its own merits that is independent of anyone other voices. Being a mad humping and screaming orgy of sheep that follow in unison is that last thing we are. Overzealous isn’t a phrase I would ever use to describe anyone in the Austin film scene. I know this is a hard fact that most people at the There Will Be Blood at Fantastic Fest somehow all seemed to nearly speak in one unison for a change to proclaim it one of the best films of this decade if not ever. This alone is no small feat and aside from the diversity, marks the only other film I can even recall having the same unanimous Austin “we LOVE this film” reaction was a retrospective screening of Gambit years ago.

The fact it was a world premiere was lost on most that attended, so that aspect of the films screening didn’t come into any post-thoughts or posted reviews in my opinion. Anything you may have read close to gushing or overly positive was the result of the audience not being prepared to see what for most turned out to be one of the best films they had ever seen in their life. When you walk into a surprise screening such as this and then see a film you really know next to nothing about it, there is a jarring aspect to it as it unfolds and you have no idea where it’s going and are loving every minute and second of it. You think a film like this might be good but when it transcends even that you get beside yourself as if you just got hit by a speeding car. If nothing else P.T. Anderson has crafted a film again that reminds us about the magic of cinema and why we even love it in the first place. It’s like experiencing first love all over again but with a film.

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