Nowhere to Hide (1999) – Movie Wallpaper

Give yourself two points if you can name a big Hollywood film that pays more than homage to this sequence. I’ve been a big fan of this Lee Myung-se vehicle since I first saw it back at the Asian Film Festival of Dallas. Incredibly divisive film.

Since this is a French lobbycard I should offer up a French translation of my thoughts for it, “Oui, it is very good, no?!?

It’s too bad the makers of this movie didn’t get Barry White to do a theme song for it. Really would have been a nice and most welcome touch.

I find it annoying that fast food places in the US have now turned against consumers that demand ketchup to go with their meals. I’m sure they save money by trying to diabolically plot and scheme ways to trick us to not get any ketchup each trip, but it sure was nice back in the day when this was something you rarely have to worry about. I’ve lost count of how many times I request ketchup and they tell me they give me some, only to discover when I open the sack there is none. If you ask for ketchup at a fast food place directly they seem to get incredibly upset and throw the small ketchup bags at you. You can almost hear them proclaim under their breaths, “curse you ketchup lovers, curse you to KETCHUP HELL!!!

Oh well.

Korean title for this movie is: Injeong sajeong bol geot eobtda
Anyone know what the official Korean title for this film literally translates as?

Image Source:
Official French lobbycard that was used in the original French release.

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