A Clockwork Orange (1971) – Movie Wallpaper

Malcolm McDowell in one of my favorite all time movie scenes in Stanley Kubrick’s A Clockwork Orange. This particular image comes from a front of the house 8×10 US color lobby. As such many of these types of movie publicity material come with very over artificated and images presented much more roughly. The UK color front of the house are often times much cleaner versions of the same color images. So I’m posting this image now despite it being already so heavily artificated and will upgrade at some point if I can find a better version (ie – UK front of the house lobby or other type of higher quality color still).

Now the artists on the left appear to be:
Can’t make out the very top left name, The Humpers, (not sure on first name of this one ?) Seventeen, Bread Brothers, The Sparks, The Blow Goes, The Legend, Cyclops and The Comic Strips.

Image Source:
Official front of the house 8×10 color lobby that was used in the original USA release of the film.

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