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::: Is “There Will Be Blood” Horror?
Matthew Kiernan, AMC Monsterfest

Oilmen as Monsters!

I definitely agree with Matthew and do check out his piece if you get the chance. I think the evil theme in There Will Be Blood is extremely fascinating to ponder over and discuss. In terms of movie monsters Daniel Day-Lewis as Daniel Plainview is one of the best I’ve ever seen. Mr. Plainview is absolutely evil to the core.

Just as fascinating to me is that the character is an oilman… an evil monster oilman. I think we all can relate to oilmen shown in the light of being evil and cunning. Not that the gas prices ever jump up for no reason but seemingly always in time with a big holiday. Surely no one can relate to oilmen shown as monsters in a film? I think this aspect alone will be hugely resonating with audiences. Getting to witness the origins of evil oil empires is amazing to see on the big screen. P.T. Anderson nails this perfectly as does Daniel Day-Lewis. I’ve heard a lot about the film not really having any one theme that could appeal to broad audiences. Hello? Anyone home? An evil oilman monster is in this movie. People can and will relate to that.

And of special note, I am just absolutely in love with the beautiful way the beginning and ending of the film strongly parallel each other. Though this parallel is more evident not on a first viewing but upon reflecting on the film afterwards.

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