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Forget: Knock! Knock! Who’s There? The French horror thriller Inside, ushers in: Scissor! Scissor! Who’s There?

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Notes on the directors (from its press info):


As Alexandre Bustillo was writing the script, he looked for a director to bring his project to the screen. He found Julien Maury who’d made a name for himself with his short film Pizza Hunt which earned several awards in a number of festivals. “When I watched Pizza Hunt, I was impressed by what he achieved with a limited budget. His camera work made an impact. Julien was an obvious choice to direct INSIDE. I originally was supposed to only write the script. We eventually decided to co direct the movie and unite our strengths.”

Their collaborative effort was based on their mutual passion and knowledge. When you ask them about their influences, they readily quote slasher films, including Halloween for the treatment of violence in a gritty urban environment, The Ordeal’s spare beauty, Malefique’s sharp sense of confinement, and more generally the giallo genre (for Beatrice Dalle’s character), both for its look and its operatic intensity, and the 1970s supernatural, taut thrillers like Polanski’s The Tenant.

Once they decided to co-direct the film together, they wrapped up a final rewrite of INSIDE “We focused on the film’s development, the chain of events, the dialogue, the narrative. The producers never tried to interfere with the film’s actual content. They’ve always accepted the extreme violence of the material. They mostly helped us flesh out the script and the characters, and add supporting characters, while the emphasis was originally on the two leading ladies.”

When the script was completed, Alexandre Bustillo and Julien Maury moved on with preproduction work. It took them over 10 weeks to gather the crew, find the best locations and draw up the storyboard. “It’s a rather long period, but it’s crucial for a film like this” Julien Maury says. “We were determined to storyboard the whole movie. We were fortunate to find a house which looked a lot like the one we had in mind. The storyboard didn’t change much once we found the proper location. We also spent a lot of time with FX Cinema’s Jacques Olivier Molon and BR Films’ Rodolphe Guglielmi working on the wounds and the characters’ physical deterioration. We had to choose, at this stage, which effects ’should be live’ and which digital effects were to be added during post production. Their expertise coupled with their overactive imagination and their dedication were extremely helpful. We all wanted the effects to live up to the narrative. So we spent a lot of time on pre-production for our first feature film. Once we were on set, we’d no longer have time to hesitate.”


Image Source:
Official digital still used in its international release.

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