Death Note (2006) – Movie Wallpaper

Well chances are you have already ready my interview with director Shusuke Kaneko on this film at Twitch (read here), but what you may not know already is I have a huge movie crush on Yu Kashii. I first became aware of her in Linda Linda Linda where she instantly leaped from the screen and most recently saw her in the really bizarre film The Pavillion Salamandre (Pavillion sanshouo). One of my Japanese colleagues who has met her before (who will go nameless) told me, “Blake if you have a thing for gorgeous women with big noses, Yu Kashii is your girl.

Japanese Cinema:
::: Jason Gray
::: Mark Schilling’s Tokyo Ramen
::: Midnight Eye
::: Ryuganji

Image Source:
Official digital that was used in its original international release.

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