Fantastic Fest-ness 2008


Next month I head out to the Berlin International Film Festival/European Film Market with others from Fantastic Fest to get started scouting for Fantastic Fest 2008. Fantastic Fest in 2007 had nearly someone at every major film fest and genre fest around the world, which was nonetheless one hell of an amazing feet. For 2008 I think it’s safe to say we will be casting an even larger net to scour the world and find great new films to show.

For those at the past Fantastic Fest be sure and get out and support and spread the word that The Orphanage which is currently playing at Alamo Drafthouse South Lamar. I’ve already made one trip to see it there, which was an absolute blast and one of the few films I’ve ever attended where a female got so scared in a place in the film she literally screamed bloody murder. I’m surprised her hysterical scream didn’t break every glass in the theater.

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ps – If your on Facebook you can find some Fantastic Fest coolness going down there – just lurk around.

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