Neji-shiki (1998) – Movie Wallpaper

Eiga Chirashi artwork for Neji-shiki from Teruo Ishii. This poster is extremely cool, whether your a Teruo Ishii fan or a Tadanobu Asano fan!

Speaking of Guitar Brother aka Tadanobu Asano, I had the distinct honor of meeting him at the recent Berlin International Film Festival. A huge thanks to Colin Geddes from Toronto’s Midnight Madness and Hiromi from UNIJAPAN for giving me a proper introduction to him and proclaiming my love of Funky Forest and his character in the movie. Can’t beat that… especially someone like me that has been and will always be head over heals in love with Funky Forest. Film first love is eternal I say!

Eiga Chirashi = mini poster/flyer’s from Japan

Japanese Cinema:
::: Jason Gray
::: Mark Schilling’s Tokyo Ramen
::: Midnight Eye
::: Nippon Cinema
::: Outcast Cinema
::: Ryuganji

Image Source:
Official still used in the original Japanese poster artwork for this film.

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