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I would definitely say that I’m with the Twitch writer The Visitor when I say that I’m glad to see the growing and progression of Stephen Chow with each new movie. Though at the same time I do wish from time to time he would go back and just do a laugh a second movie like he did in the 90’s that had next to no time for anything dramatic (see – Love on Delivery or Royal Tramps II. The word on his latest film CJ7 is incredibly mixed at the moment. From everyone I talked to at the recent Berlinale, they were all incredibly divided with one calling it an absolute delight for hardcore Chow fans and another saying it was the worst film of his career. Can’t wait to see this one regardless!

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Left: Xu Jiao as Dicky Chow
Right: Stephen Chow as Ti Chow

Image Source:
Official still that was used in the original international release of the film.

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