Linn Haynes RIP – Legendary Cinephile Passes On


I was shocked earlier today to learn of the unexpected passing of Linn Haynes who died in a car crash. I’ve known Mr. Haynes dating back to my BadAssMovieImages days. He was an amazing resource of film information, though I think it was our mutual love of all things 70’s cinema that was the bond. In addition to that he was incredibly supportive of all my endeavors over the year. He was one of the few that at random would drop a note of support just to say hi and to keep up the great work. The past few years we mainly chatted back and forth about Shaw Brothers films. Although we were born in the same year, it was like he had lived several lifetimes to know as much as he did about film in general and more specifically with Shaw Brothers and every kung fu film ever made. It was a great honor on occasion as well to be able to help him out with various film imagery he needed.

In the world of cinephiles he was a legend and a scholar. He was one of the few that seemed to have ascended all 37 chambers of film knowledge.

So to Linn, where ever you are out there, you are missed and thank you so much for your support and help over the years.

I was I could write more… still in shock.

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