Freebie and the Bean (1974) – Movie Wallpaper


Incredibly rare Japanese poster artwork for the mega-fantastic Richard Rush film, Freebie and the Bean. Within 70’s Japanese poster artwork, this particular design and footprint is recognizable across many different posters done for various films. I’m not 100% if there was just one prolific designer that was knocking all these out or not, but regardless certainly in the case here they do a rocking realization of the movie in capturing the overall fun and crazy euphoria of the film.

I dedicate this posting of this poster artwork to Weird Wednesday which is screening one of my personal favorite Umberto Lenzi’s with PARANOIA (more info) this upcoming Wednesday. Note that Mr. Lenzi will be making an appearance Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival this year.

Eiga Chirashi = mini poster/flyer’s from Japan

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Official still used in the original Japanese poster artwork for this film.

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