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Some may remember my pictures I took during the Dallas Mavericks vs Miami Heat NBA Finals (view here), well last night I got one amazing picture of Kevin Garnett. The image of him pretty much symbolizes the Boston Celtics of 2008 kicking ass and taking names, see also blazing through the Eastern and Western conferences. What sets this Garnett team apart from the others is they are one of the best defensive teams the NBA as ever seen and absolutely flourish at finding easy buckets at any point of the game, including crunch time in the 4th. This coming from me… a huge Mavs fan.

I originally became a fan of NBA basketball the year before Michael Jordan was a rookie. The year Jordan came into the league I had friends that were huge fans that converted me and then I found myself tortured through several years of the Bulls struggling to make it to the Finals. At times it seems that everyone forgets all those years where either the Bad Boy Pistons, Celtics or Bucks sent the Bulls fishing. It took seven years before for them to get to the Finals and win it all. I remember those previous 6 years very well as they made all the winning even more sweet and rewarding.

Image Source:
Official still picture I took at the March 20th NBA Basketball game featuring the Boston Celtics vs the Dallas Mavericks in Dallas, Texas at the AAC.

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