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You might have already read Udine highlights Japanese viewpoint by Mark Schilling at Variety Asia, where he mentions this years selection of Japanese films at the Udine Far East Film Festival. Seems interesting they have in a lot of ways come full circle with having Hideo Nakata back this year, from previously showcasing his Ring trilogy to his latest effort focusing on the character L. Advanced word I’m hearing on this film is incredibly lackluster. So it seems like his recent effort and overly empty Kaidan, that he is in a bit of a funk.

I believe technically it’s the 11th year for Udine this time around, though officially they have it as their 10 year event spectacular and are throwing out all the stops for a grand celebration. I certainly will miss not attending it this year, especially not getting to see its strong showing of Japanese films.

Eiga Chirashi = mini poster/flyer’s from Japan

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Image Source:
Official still used in the original Japanese poster artwork for this film.

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