Udine 10 @ a Glance – April 24th


So it seems horror day was a great success yesterday at Udine 10. Today I have several more new links to new imagery being done out there and a ton of new reviews as well.

Latest Udine 10 News:

::: Fests Galore! LA’s Indian, Dallas’ USA, Udine’s Asian – Peter Martin (Cinematical)

Film Reviews:
::: More Reviews from asahifirsa – Resiklo, Glorious Team Batista, Other Half, Our Town, Screen at Kamchanod, Black House, Guardpost and Body No. 19
::: Udine Report: THE BLACK HOUSE Review – Todd (Twitch)
::: Udine Report: THE BODY Review – Todd (Twitch)
::: Udine Report: THE GUARD POST (GP506) Review – Todd (Twitch)

::: Photos Day 7 – Udine20.it
::: Pics from Amici del giovedi (Flickr)
::: Pics from pierofix (Flickr)
::: Pics from zeno cosini (Flickr)

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::: Udine 10 Official Site
::: Udine 10 Official Blog
::: Udine 10 Trailer

Since I couldn’t make it out to Udine Far East Film Festival this year, I’m going to try my best to keep up with its coverage around the Internet. If your covering the festival this year either as media, blogging, videos or photographing, please let me know.

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