Udine 10 @ a Glance – Interview Edition


As Udine 10 wraps up tonight with its closing night party. In this edition of Udine 10 @ a Glance I highlight all the interviews they have compiled for the festival this year, enjoy!


Japan (all interviews by Mark Schilling):
::: Are You Having A Laugh? An Interview With Miki Satoshi
::: The Cool Comedian: An Interview with Fujita Yosuke
::: Taking The Blows: An Interview With Koizumi Norihiro
::: A Return To Always: An Interview with Yamazaki Takashi

Hong Kong:
::: The Collaborator: An Interview With Sylvia Chang
~ Tim Youngs

Philippines (all interviews by Jessica Zafra):
::: Altar Boy: An Interview With Rico Ilarde
::: Bringing Out the Dead: An Interview With Neal Tan
::: Flights of Fantasy: An Interview With Mark Reyes

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Since I couldn’t make it out to Udine Far East Film Festival this year, I’m going to try my best to keep up with its coverage around the Internet. If your covering the festival this year either as media, blogging, videos or photographing, please let me know.

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