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Dead Poets Society from Peter Weir seems to be a very well received film that has since gone to slip through the cracks of film lovers favorite films. At one point in time one could easily here this film mentioned in discussing with others their favorite all-time films and currently you would be much more hard pressed to find this. At one point you could always find it in the top 250 of IMDb and now it has slipped off with a 7.8 rating.

The central issue that seems to be divisive is over the conformist/non-conformist slant of the film and how it ties it up at the end. This certainly proves to spark an interesting debate over if characters overcome obstacles to rejoice you can artistically be viewed as selling out versus omni present obstacles doing characters in (as often happens in real life) and thus showing a subject in a seemingly more pure regard.

I for one have always loved this film and consider it one of my favorites.

Dead Poets Society” is directed by acclaimed Australian filmmaker Peter Weir (right) whose list of distinguised credits include, “Gallipoli,” “The Year of Living Dangerously” and “Witness.” On located in Delaware, Weir discusses a scene with Robin Williams (left), who stars in “Dead Poets Society” as professor John Keating.

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Francois Duhamel

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Official still that was used in the original US release of the film.

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