Sideways (2004) – Movie Wallpaper – How to Drink Wine?


So what exactly is the right way to drink wine? Should you start out as we see here in this image or is there another technique? When this film first burst onto the scene you could walk into just about any restaurant or place serving wine and see people flailing about as they started to drink any fresh glass of wine and then as time went on you saw this happen less and less and less. These days in Austin I really only see people do this if that person happens to be a guy in a tuxedo trying to impress a date that he knows more than just $5 cheap bottles of wine to ignite the flames of love with. Link:
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Photo By:
Merie W. Wallace

Paul Giamatti and Thomas Haden Church in SIDEWAYS.

Image Source:
Official still that was used in the original release of the film in the USA.

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