Tokyo FILMeX 2008 – Kurahara Koreyoshi Retrospective


Jason Gray earlier this week let out one piece of news that I wait eagerly for each year, and that is to see who the retrospective highlight will be at Tokyo FILMeX. The retrospective highlight this year is filmmaker Kurahara Koreyoshi, whom I’ve seen very little of (read the full details at the blog of Jason Gray).

I’ve yet to make it to this film festival and it remains highly elusive and it’s driving me crazy I’ve yet to figure a way to get out there. Jumping through windows, set on fire, escaping an onslaught of angry bulls, doing a 2 story dive into a pool of sea bass… none of those proud accomplishments allowed me to, but surely I’ll one day figure it out and make my first journey there. They had one of the best retrospective programs ever assembled roughly three years ago with their Kihachi Okamoto retro (view here). I still hold my head in shame for missing that year!

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