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Wave 2 for announced Fantastic Fest titles hit today (full press release here). Of the announced titles there are many that I’ve already seen. Of those I rate Chocolate (read my brief thoughts here) and Tokyo! as the two I can’t wait to see again. I’ve yet to see JCVD, ACOLYTES or DEADGIRL, but hear amazing things about all three. I’ll write a longer post tomorrow covering this latest wave of announcements of both features and shorts.

Anthology films by default seem to mostly suck. This is not the case though with the latest anthology film, Tokyo!, that boasts the filmmaking talents of – Leos Carax, Michel Gondry and Bong Joon-ho. I predict this will easily be a highlight for most that attend Fantastic Fest this year. The segment by French art house director Leos Carax titled, Merde, in particular seems destined for cult status among Fantastic Fest and Austin audiences! The less you know about this segment the better (small synopsis below)! I can’t wait to experience this segment and this film at Fantastic Fest!

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In MERDE by Leos Carax, a mysterious, sewer-dwelling man spreads confusion on the streets of Tokyo through a succession of irrational and provocative acts. Who is he? Why is he here? What does he want? The city’s population becomes obsessed by this strange phenomenon.

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Official stills that were used in the original international release of the film.

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