Hot Fuzz (2007) – Movie Wallpaper – Lone Desperado Simon Pegg


During the time it took me to post this, there were 8,000,027 birthday cakes flushed around the world down hotel toilets.

A lone desperado Sgt. Nicholas Angel walks down an empty street, tightly pressed lips, sunglass stare of blazing hell and fury, enough weaponry for a small army adorned from toe to ear and on the look out for cult members to mow down. Move, run and hide, as you better get out of his way… if only he can dismount from a rather odd horse with a mind of its own.

In other news, Cinematical is reporting Simon Pegg will be joining Nick Frost for a road trip movie called, Paul (more here).

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Image Source:
Official still used in the international release of the film.

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