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Vintage Movie Wallpaper of the Day
Sunday, August 17, 2008

I should definitely credit Lars for setting me off on this quest to re-find this amazing image from one of my all-time favorites, Rolling Thunder. The last time I used my 30+ batch of stills was helping out some of the MadMovies guys for a piece they were doing on Paul Schrader. Unfortunately since that time my collection of collected memorabilia got split up. I’ve now come across the missing portions of my collection and will at last be getting up my entire selection of imagery up here (minus some of the giant sized lobbies I have).

as Major Charles Rane, a returning POW hero, loses an arm and the lives of his family to a bunch of thieves. Getting a hook to replace his missing member and building himself an arsenal, he sets out on a carefully planned trail of revenge in American International’s taut action-drama, “Rolling Thunder.”

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Image Source:
Official issued still that was used in its original USA release.

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