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New Cinema Wallpaper of the Day
Monday, August 18, 2008

Lee Na-yeong and Joe Odagiri in the latest from Kim Ki-duk, Dream (Bi-mong). This film will be screening at the upcoming San Sebastian International Film Festival. Outside of the film festival circuit, the first chance for many to see this will be on video later in 2009.

Synopsis from Showbox:

Jin wakes up from a nightmare of a traffic accident. It drives him to the very spot and discovers aftermath of a real accident. He follows the police to the suspect’s home and watches as Ran denies the hit-and-run accusation since she was asleep the entire night. Jin explains his dream to them and asks to be charged instead. The police dismiss him and arrest Ran. Jin is convinced that there’s an unexplainable connection between the two. They discover that when he dreams, she acts out his dream in her sleep.

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Image Source:
Official still that was used in the original international release of the film.

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