There Will Be Blood (2007) – Movie Wallpaper – Daniel Day-Lewis


My last visit with There Will Be Blood was literally on its hollowed ground where it was made. Back in May I visited the Marfa Film Festival which had a special Alamo Drafthouse Rolling Roadshow on its set of Little Boston (report of this visit that I filed on Twitch). It seems fitting on the verge of Fantastic Fest 2008 that I came across these two stills I hadn’t previously seen. Since the last festival in September of 2007, I traveled the world to many film festivals and the profile of the festival based on having the world premiere of There Will Be Blood was considerably raised. Many people didn’t necessarily know the name of the festival, as they called it, “that festival that first screened There Will Be Blood!” It still seems unbelievable that we screened it first and still revel in its magical screening and atmosphere… I just don’t know if I’ve ever had as good of a film going experience.

And so now we turn our gaze and attention to Fantastic Fest 2008 and many wondering if we can equal or top last year. Which the simple answer is some film screenings are just priceless and will never be equaled or repeated. Each film and its related screening carries its own magic and ambiance… it’s own place in our hearts and minds that feels timeless. As such we can still carry on this legacy with new nights and screenings with new cinema magic. It’s not so much about trying to recreate what has come as expanding upon it and continuing to seek out new ways to celebrate cinema. To that end, 2008 will be no exception as Fantastic Fest has once again pulled out all the stops and now it’s almost time again to bask in cinema glory for 10 days in the movie capital of the world – Austin, Texas!

Photo By:
Melinda Sue Gordon

Image Source:
Official digital still used in its original USA release.

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