Fantastic Fest 2008 – 3 Write Ups for Official Program

Fantastic Fest 2008

Being a programmer at Fantastic Fest has its perks and getting to write up films for its official program is certainly one of them! While I didn’t get to write about all the films I loved (we divide everything up very democratically), I did get a chance to write about several. Below are 3 such write ups with another one on the way once the official lineup is announced on September 4th. While writing everything for the official program this year, I certainly felt like I had the masters of the film festival program film write ups in Mitch Davis (Fantasia) and Colin Geddes (TIFF Midnight Madness) hovering over me making Obi-Wan like suggestions, “Blaaaake do not write like Gaspar Noe reviewing a Sigur Ros album.” Colin and Mitch are masters of the known universes at powerfully and succinctly discussing a film in a festival program guide.

I would say of these write ups that Tokyo! was by far the most challenging as it was like writing 4 reviews in one. When I originally saw this film at NIFFF, I had no idea Tim League had also seen it and upon finding this out we launched into some shouts in unison of, “MERDE! MERDE! MERDE!” It should be interesting if that phrase catches on as a buzz/catchphrase at this years festival. This is certainly one of the best films this year and I couldn’t be happier that we are showing it.

The Substitute is a real fun sci-fi film from Denmark that just when you think it might be a bit too kid friendly it oozes out the blood and seriously twisted moments in rapid session.

How to Get Rid of the Others is a film I originally saw at BIFFF last year and it seemed like the kind of dark political satire that would go over well in Austin. The film feels much more topical now than it did a year ago. Its director Anders Ronnow Klarlund is most known for the rich puppet compelling fantasy drama, Strings.

Tokyo! (2008)
::: Fantastic Fest Official Program Write up
::: Movie Wallpaper (Cinema is Dope)

The Substitute (2007)
::: Fantastic Fest Official Program Write up

How to Get Rid of the Others (2007)
::: Fantastic Fest Official Program Write up

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