Movie Wallpaper Archive (Beta)

The Beta version of the Movie Wallpaper Archive has launched today (access it in the very top navigation). This feature and functionality is aimed at helping people browse and find what they are looking for more easily. I plan to continue to build out and refine this area as the site progresses. This also brings this site full turn and brings me back to an older site I did, but with a lot more features and functionality.

Currently the Movie Wallpaper Archive is populated with all movie wallpaper from the 1920’s up to the 1960’s. I’m working on wrapping up the 1970’s-2000’s in the coming days ahead. In addition there will be some additional pages to filter by. These additional pages will reflect several changes I’ve been making in tagging images.

Another new feature which has slowly been creeping into the site and I’ve been going back and making retroactive is the additional tagging of images by: action, country, genre, item and location.

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