Chocolate (2008) – New Cinema Wallpaper of the Day – Yanin “Jeeja” Vismitananda

New Cinema Wallpaper of the Day
Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Chocolate is set to explode Toronto International Film Festival audiences at the Midnight Madness section into action nirvana. After that it’s off to Austin and Fantastic Fest 2008! I could talk about or focus on all sorts of things with this film, but let me just say the last action sequence is the best action you will see in 2008 cinema.

As for Yanin its star, I have absolutely no idea what her full and correct name is. I’ve seen her name in about 4-9 different combination’s now, lol! I remember running at full speed in Berlin earlier this year at the European Film Market section of the Berlinale International Film Festival to catch Chocolate for the first time. I was to say the least despite some kick ass trailers, highly skeptical that at a feature length would work. It exceeded all my expectations and then some. I certainly wasn’t going into the film expecting story and characters expounding about existentialist themes and bone crunching Mamet dialogue that reflected inner demons and solidly planted motifs that later could climax into transcendence and Casablance-esque moments, “Play it again, Zen.” As a pure adrenaline classic action story as revenge fable it more than holds together and if by the end you aren’t on the edge of your seat fist pumping, then… perhaps your taking everything way too seriously. That original first screening at EFM blew the roof off the theater, with people going crazy, which let me tell you the industry screenings at markets are typically more silent and dead than any ol’ press screening with critics only. That it could get otherwise cold and unresponsive industry people to forget everything and just get into a film by cheering and applauding certainly was one of the highlights of 2008. Spilling out with Midnight Madness programmer Colin Geddes and Hawaii International Film Festival programmer Anderson Le while basking in Chocolate only made it sweeter. Each of us drooling with the thought of playing the film at our festivals with our audiences in mind!

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Image Source:
Official stills that were used in the original international release of the film.

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