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I remember talking to Shusuke Kaneko the day news broke that Hideo Nakata would be taking on this film. At the time it seemed hard to exactly fathom how they would approach the material but little doubt that as successful of hits as the Death Note films were that it was inevitable that there would be infinite numbers of knock off related feature films and anime. L: Change the World turned out to be one very strange action movie where it seemed the lifted the character of L into more of a routine save the world studio action film. It felt like a really strange fusion of James Bond and Death Note with a killer and hilarious final airplane sequence (more from Mark Schilling and Rodney Perkins).

I met Hideo Nakata at the recent NIFFF film festival. I mainly talked to him and his wife, as well as compared notes on the Nobuo Nakagawa (Lady Vampire was my favorite of his shown) retrospective going on as well as we all wanted to greatly see Adrift in Tokyo.

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