Linda Linda Linda (2005) – Movie Wallpaper – Nobuhiro Yamashita

It seems to separate the karaoke masters from the karaoke neophytes to count how many times one has sung this song for karaoke. If you never have rocked out to this, then you surely have not lived a very long karaoke existence. Forget Elvis. Forget the Beatles. Forget Jefferson Starship. Bring on some Linda Linda Linda for the all-time karaoke anthem! The film itself is an absolute treasure that leisurely unfolds with a near avant garde prowess as we follow a group of girls as they come of age both as women and as musicians. Leave it to helmer Nobuhiro Yamashita to craft a memorable journey that in any other hands would have been the Sisterhood of Traveling Guitars.

Highly recommended viewing and it’s out on Region 1 DVD from Viz Pictures (Official US Site). Link:
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Official digital that was used in its original international release.

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