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New Cinema Wallpaper of the Day
Tuesday, September 9, 2008

This dark turn the tables horror film from down under strikes Fantastic Fest 2008 (film listing) in the coming days (Saturday, September 20th – 9:10 pm; Wednesday, September 24th – 6:25 pm). I think it would be a mistake to walk into this film expecting to see the most original horror film ever made. Some of the initial reviews seem to go overboard in making it seem this is the first horror film ever to feature the turn the tables on the bad guys/killer motif. You need to look no further than films like Eyes of a Stranger (1981) or to some degree The Last House on the Left (1972) to be reminded this entry is one among many. Exceptional production values, well placed scares, resonating moments illuminating life and an engaging battle of wits makes this one a nice entry into that pantheon of horror thrillers. Several of the songs interspersed throughout beat with a nice sonic fusion that give the film an added eloquence of trying to be more than just popcorn entertainment. If anything the many moments highlighting the fragile nature of life and its sinister dwellings might permanently scar any viewers watching it far past any of its twists and turns. This artistic emphasis over formula should give the film added legs as it hits the film festival circuit. The scares I should also are a mixture of devices that thankfully aren’t the cliche loud noise after loud noise. Acolytes deals with a trio of teens who want to get rid of a relentless bully by pitting them against a serial killer that they blackmail. Once it gets going a spiraling chain of events ensue where everyone tries to stay two steps ahead of each other and as we know in all horror films at the end there can only be one person standing. Who will make it out alive… if anyone at all? Come find out at the festival, I’m certainly not going to give away its very creepy as hell ending.

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Official stills that were used in the original international release of the film.

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