Vinyan at the 65th Venice, TIFF & Fantastic Fest! – UPDATED 9/14

Colin Geddes and Fabrice Du Welz at the Toronto International Film Festival
Midnight Madness Programmer Colin Geddes and Vinyan director Fabrice Du Welz at the Toronto International Film Festival.
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I’m bumping up this previous post to alert everyone to the fact that Vinyan has now been confirmed as playing this Saturday at Fantastic Fest 2008! Be sure to add it to your schedule there for attending.

::: Film Listing on Fantastic Fest site)

Vinyan recently had its world premiere at 65th Venice Film Festival and its North American premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival (film listing). It’s the sophmore effort from filmmaker Fabrice Du Welz. I will keep this post updated regularly as news, interviews, pictures and reviews stream in. Stay tuned and keep checking in!

*** Note that Sony picked up distribution rights for the US. This was previously announced rather mutely 2 weeks ago when the Toronto International Film Festival website released their listing of who had distribution rights PDF for industry/buyers.

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Brief review.

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Another favorable review for the film.

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* Some spoilers

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His thoughts start 6 paragraphs in.

::: TIFF Review: VINYAN by Todd Brown for Twitch

::: Variety Review by Alissa Simon
Can’t make heads or tails of this review with unbalanced heaps of praise and criticism. Not sure I get the aloof mention of “upscale horror ghetto” in this review either… hmmm.

::: Mark Salisbury Review – Reel World Matters

::: Hollywood Reporter Review by Ray Bennett
Ouch! Another grumpy review.

“A truly sinister primer on cultural differences, the entire film’s waking nightmare quality makes Lord Of The Flies look benevolent. Violence and nudity may pose a ratings challenge in some of the many territories to which Vinyan has been sold, (including Sony in the US, Canada and Australia) but this disturbing and ravishingly shot visual and emotional adventure – screening in Venice and Toronto prior to an Oct 1 French release – deserves cult status.”

::: Screen Daily Review by Lisa Nesselson

::: Venice: The Burning Plain is a damp squib next to Burn After Reading – But it still looked like Citizen Kane compared to a new jungle spooker starring Emmanuelle Beart and Rufus Sewell – Andrew Pulver, The Guardian
More of a capsule review and Mr. Pulver either clearly had a rough night previously or didn’t get the film at all.

Earlier – Vinyan TIFF ‘08 write up by Midnight Madness programer Colin Geddes

::: Rodney Perkins Interviews VINYAN Composer Fran̤ois-Eudes Chanfrault РTwitch

::: Channel 4 Interview with Fabrice Du Welz

::: Director defends tsunami thriller – Neil Smith, BBC
Fabrice Du Welz and Emmanuelle Beart talk Vinyan.

::: Official French Site Launches
via Fabrice’s official Vinyan Blog

::: Press Notes (Cinema is Dope)

::: Fabrice talks about his next possible film Coffin Island with Bloody Disgusting

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::: Emmanuelle Beart refuses to be cowed by her tsunami critics – The First Post

::: Actress Beart, director defend new tsunami film – Reuters

::: Film treats tsunami ‘with respect’ – MSN/UK

::: Over on Twitch I posted larger versions of the world premiere images and a bit more commentary.

::: Emmanuelle Beart at “Vinyan” photocall during the 65th Venice Film Festival, Venice, Italy – Celebrity HQ Collection

::: Vinyan shown at Venice Film Festival – Xinhua News

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Fabrice Du Welz and Emmanuelle Beart at the world premiere of Vinyan at the 65th Venice Film Festival
Director Fabrice Du Welz and actress Emmanuelle Beart walk the carpet for the world premiere of Vinyan
at the 65th Venice Film Festival.
Emmanuelle Beart in Vinyan
Actress Emmanuelle Beart at the Venice Film Festival
press conference for Vinyan.

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