Cinema is Dope 2008 – Thanks for the Support

If you have enjoyed 2008 here at Cinema is Dope, please comment below on some of your favorites that I’ve posted. I would love to know what worked for you and that you’re getting value from this site.

2008 has blown by and as it draws to a close I want to give thanks to everyone for their support. It’s only the 2nd year of this proud Austin, Texas, based site, which in many ways is a reincarnation of a previous movie image site I did years ago. 2008 started out with the site ranked close to one millionth in Alexa/Quantcast rankings and as the year ends it has moved up to being just under 200,000th in rank. Cinema is Dope is currently ranked around 193,000 at Alexa and overall is averaging 70,000 unique visitors a month and 125,000+ page views. Not bad, not bad!

I hope Cinema is Dope is providing you with quality and diverse movie wallpaper in addition to restoring cinema history one image at a time (a cause I’ve always felt very passionately about). So many great stills from movies that mark the history of cinema get lost in warehouses, estate sells, private collectors, etc., and never see the light of day. Hopefully, here we can make a change that the history of cinema does see the light of day and gets its day to shine.

Being a one man operation certainly confides me to many limitations and an insurmountable personal archive to restore and post. It would take me several lifetimes probably to get everything up and restored. It’s a mountain I will spend most of my life trying to scale among many other personal goals. I’m in this for preservation of cinema history and ultimately its this shape it takes as a passion project that hopefully will one day pay for itself. I’m not in it for popularity contest or money. Though with money I am looking at more options with advertising and affiliate deals to help cover the operating costs of running the site and in being able to purchase more stills to preserve.

A side goal that I also find is very important is to expose movies that otherwise would go unnoticed to larger audiences. I love championing gems of cinema that fell through the crack! So many great movies never get their due or are ever talked about enough!

The past several months and especially with the advent of daily posted images as wallpaper for both old and new cinema I think has allowed this site to finally hit its groove, identity and start to forge its own road. I should hit over 1,000 images/movie wallpaper by the end of 2008! For 2009 I hope to reach over 2,500 images/movie wallpaper on this site. Lofty goal for sure but now that everything is in stride and rhythm it seems attainable.

For 2008 I will be making a big push to keep this site going and doing even more to pump out new content and offer up more reviews. Thank you for your continued support. If there is ever any movie you want to see me post images from please let me know.

Thanks to the following for helping make this site what it is:

David Hudson – For the link support. Rarely can one link make so much difference in exposure as it does when Hudson links to your site. Deep thanks indeed.

Fantastic Fest – The entire team at Fantastic Fest who are so much fun to be around and explore cinema with. I can’t help but feel inspired around this team.

FFM – Everyone involved with this secret (or not so secret) film festival networking group I impulsively started 2 years. So much support is derived here and endless thanks to all involved.

Neuchatel International Fantastic Film Festival – One of the best film festival getaways that you might not have heard about. Stunning Swiss Alps back drops and a cozy lake village make for a small film festival that is run with amazing quality and outshines with its production much much larger festivals I’ve been to. You haven’t live fully until you have visited their festival at least once. A huge thank to the staff and everyone their, especially Anais for offering a transcending film going experience. Film festival quality at its finest.

James Faust & Sarah Harris – It’s great knowing that two such passionate and knowledgeable cinephiles help make AFI Dallas. Their constant support throughout the years has been amazing.

Colin Geddes – A huge inspiration for the site and someone that has been supportive from day one. Couldn’t do it without him. Endless wisdom and insight on film festivals and cinema have I learned from Colin. Not to mention giving me such a great introduction to Tadanobu Asano as a huge Funky Forest and Guitar Brother fan.

Christian Hallman – Christian is always around anytime I’ve needed help and he does such a damn good job promoting genre cinema worldwide. A true living pioneer and champion of cinema, is Mr. Christian Hallman.

Marc Walkow – Definitely great knowing Marc and another person I constantly get endless wisdom, insight and support from.

Todd Brown – Still no clue how he does it. 20 reviews a day with 9,000 posted trailers, he is a one man powerhouse, that has so many jobs I’d lose count trying to name them, all the while he divides time between his kid and girlfriend. With such a hectic schedule he is able to produce such an amazing quality and volume of work is always inspiring and impressive.

Chiho Mori – Chiho is such a warm and vibrant person that lights up any room she is in. Her passion for cinema is superb. The Asian Film Festival of Dallas is in great hands with her and her constant support through the years has been extremely appreciated.

Philip Richard Newton – Always going out of his way to help me find images!

Mike Malloy – Can’t wait for the doc to come out and thanks for all the support.

Travis Stevens – It’s good I don’t live in LA as I have no idea how much trouble I’d get into with Travis around. Travis has been hugely supportive and glad to have him around as someone that has such a strong knowledge of both the film festival and film industry. Run Travis Run!

Jasper Sharp – For continued support, the best book of 2008 in covering Pink cinema and constantly exposing me to movies I’d otherwise not know about.

Anderson Le – Though I’ve never been to his film festival, Hawaii International Film Festival, I have to say Anderson has been such an incredible resource full of film festival ideas and creativity that I must say I’m in huge debt to him. I hope to one day be able to make the trek out to his hugely popular and successful film festival.

Roger @ CineVegas – Another film festival I’ve yet to visit but even so, Roger from CineVegas has been a huge supporter here and I can’t think of a more savvy film festival in terms of operations and especially in all their online efforts.

Don BrownRyuganji has been such an amazing site find and a great ongoing site that has helped give Cinema is Dope even more exposure.

Chris MaGee – Toronto J-Film Pow-Wow has been a great growing resource and continued inspiration for me.

Peter and Mack – From rescuing me from a rather wild party with Bill Pullman. Suffice to say I’d have wound up naked in Mexico covered in tattoo’s had they not pulled me out.

Astropia Team – To say I don’t know many people in Iceland would be an understatement. That has changed in small part this year with discovering at NIFFF the amazing Icelandic film Astropia. I couldn’t think of a better group of people that are seeing such a great international response to their film. Can’t wait for all involved next film projects.

Tomas Alfredson – For being so gracious to allow me to interview him. Sometimes you have to jump through lots of hoops to interview someone and for me gaining further insight into this film was a real marvel and amazing journey for me. Usually when I see a film at a festival and the director isn’t there it’s a fruitless effort in being able to do an interview. Luckily that wasn’t the case here and I definitely count Let the Right One In as one of the best films this year.

DK Sushi – The sushi pimp is one of the best kept secrets in Austin and gives me and others a well deserved laugh to kick off each week. Politically correct it’s not, but one hell of a fun time and welcome relief from everything else going on in the world.

French Cinema – With Xavier, Fabrice and Pascal leading the way, along with many others, I am hugely indebted to the great cinematic works coming out of France. Thanks for continuing to make works of art that are both uncompromising but your own unique vision.

Rodney Perkins – To all the support and wisdom, its been an honor to know you.

MGMT – Endless hours of great music to listen to while making this site run.

Jay Slater – For making sure once again the world is a more fun place!

Harvey Fenton – For the often times unheralded and under appreciated work at running the great Fab Press. Us cinephiles are hugely indebted to your constant stream of amazing and insightful books.

Michael Lerman – The Saturday Night Fever meets Trent Reznor meets Pei Mei of Karaoke… in the world of karaoke rankings, Lerman retains world heavyweight karaoke champion for another year and running!

Frederic – For constant support of all things Hong Kong cinema and Shaw Brothers!!!

Lars & Weird Wednesday – For the ever flowing rich river of inspiration of infinite cinema history that continues to inspire me and countless others. What a ride WW has been this year!

Tim & Karrie League – Last but not least, I’d be remiss if I weren’t to mention these two for making the Austin film scene what it is. I can’t imagine Austin without them or the Drafthouse. Over a billion cities on this Earth don’t have a Drafthouse and I consider myself very be lucky to be in the only city that does. Very few movie theaters mix mainstream and non-mainstream programming with such ease. They continue to take chances and be trailblazers and one of the strongest reasons yet why the movie going experience can still be so thrilling, priceless and unique in a darkened theater with an audience.


Thanks again to everyone out there and I’m bound to have forgotten or left someone off the list here, so apologies for anyone I’ve forgotten at this exact moment while writing.

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